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19 Summer Wedding Men’s Outfits for 2024 – Stylish & Trendy Attire Ideas

Summer weddings present a unique opportunity for men to blend comfort, style, and a touch of personal flair into their attire. With the season’s warmth comes the chance to experiment with lighter fabrics, vibrant colors, and relaxed yet sophisticated ensembles. Whether you’re the groom, a groomsman, or a guest, the following ideas will guide you through choosing the perfect outfit that aligns with the summer vibe while adhering to wedding etiquette. Let’s dive into the world of summer wedding fashion for men, inspired by the latest trends for 2024.

Light Beige Suit with Shorts

Embrace the summer breeze with a light beige suit paired with shorts. This ensemble strikes a balance between formal and casual, making it ideal for an outdoor or beach wedding. The suit jacket maintains a structured silhouette, while the shorts offer a relaxed edge. Complete the look with a crisp white T-shirt, white sneakers, and accessories like gold chains to add a touch of personality.

Poolside Elegance

For a chic poolside wedding, consider a monochromatic ivory ensemble. A short-sleeved button-up shirt tucked into matching trousers creates a sleek, uninterrupted line that elongates the frame. Opt for breathable fabrics like linen to stay cool. Accessorize with minimal jewelry and white loafers for a look that’s both elegant and comfortable.

Rosy Sophistication

A rosy pink short suit can be a refreshing choice for a summer wedding. The light hue reflects the joyous spirit of the season, while the tailored fit keeps it wedding-appropriate. Pair it with a white dress shirt and white sneakers to maintain a cohesive look that’s stylish yet understated.

Classic White Shirt and Trousers

A timeless white shirt paired with tan trousers is a nod to classic style. This outfit works well for a semi-formal wedding. Consider a shirt with a Mandarin collar for a modern twist and complete the outfit with dark loafers and a fedora hat for a dash of vintage charm.

Blue for the Groom

A light blue suit with a grey T-shirt can be an excellent choice for the groom who wants to stand out in a sea of black tuxedos. The color is soft enough for the summer and formal enough for the occasion. Finish the outfit with white sneakers to keep the vibe light and joyous.

Relaxed Italian Charm

Channel the relaxed elegance of Italian fashion with an unstructured charcoal shirt paired with off-white linen pants. This outfit is perfect for a guest aiming for a smart-casual look. Slip into a pair of brown loafers and don some stylish sunglasses to exude confidence and comfort.

Light Grey Three-Piece Suit

For a formal summer wedding, a light grey three-piece suit is a sophisticated choice. The vest adds a layer of formality, while the light color keeps it season-appropriate. A dark tie and black dress shoes complete this classic ensemble, suitable for the groom or a distinguished guest.

Casual Coastal Vibes

Near the coast, opt for a navy blue button-up paired with beige linen trousers. This outfit blends casual comfort with a hint of formality, perfect for a laid-back beach wedding. Espadrilles or loafers can complement the look, along with minimal accessories.

Urban Summer Chic

For an urban wedding, combine a taupe blazer with matching shorts. This look is for the fashion-forward guest who enjoys making a statement. Pair with a white crew-neck T-shirt and white canvas sneakers for a harmonious blend of sophistication and street style.

Mediterranean Elegance

A light grey linen shirt tucked into white trousers is the epitome of Mediterranean elegance. This outfit is suitable for a variety of summer wedding settings, from vineyards to seaside venues. Brown moccasins and aviator sunglasses will add to the overall suave appearance.

Verdant Vibrancy

A sharp olive-green suit cuts a striking figure against the urban backdrop of a summer wedding. The slim-fit tailoring and the crisp white shirt create a profile of modern sophistication. Paired with brown leather loafers, this outfit is a testament to the groom who takes pride in a polished appearance with a touch of earthy charm.

Mustard Moment

Mustard has the remarkable ability to stand out without overpowering, and this suit proves it. Ideal for a guest with an eye for understated elegance, the suit’s richness is balanced by a muted dark shirt. The ensemble is anchored with classic brown loafers, creating a look that’s both refined and approachable.

Desert Drifter

For the groom who prefers a more relaxed vibe, a full linen outfit in sandstone whispers of desert oases and serene landscapes. The natural fabric ensures comfort during the warmest of celebrations, and the relaxed fit is a nod to bohemian luxury. This is a look that says ‘laid-back chic’ with every fiber.

Pink Panache

This ensemble takes a bolder approach with a vivid pink shirt, providing a pop of color that’s perfect for a summer evening event. The grey trousers serve as a neutral base, allowing the shirt to really shine. The outfit is completed with beige loafers, blending casual comfort with a suave aesthetic.

Nautical Nuance

A white polo shirt accented with a patterned ascot scarf conjures images of seaside sophistication. Paired with light trousers and espadrilles, this outfit is for the guest who enjoys a leisurely luxury and a cocktail by the marina. The look is effortless yet put-together, making it a smart choice for a coastal wedding.

Seersucker Sensibility

Seersucker is a summer staple, and this light grey suit exemplifies why. The fabric’s texture adds interest without weight, and the shorts offer a playful yet polished look. Perfect for a daytime wedding, this outfit pairs well with a crisp white slip-on shoe.

Bohemian Rhapsody

With a nod to bohemian spirits, this striped shirt and taupe trousers combo stands out. Accessorized with a wide-brimmed hat, the outfit is perfect for the fashion-forward guest attending a wedding in an artsy locale. The look is completed with simple slip-on shoes, blending form with function.

Textured Tradition

For the man who appreciates texture, a tweed blazer over a dark polo is a match made in heaven. This look is great for an evening reception in the countryside. Paired with crisp white trousers and suede loafers, it’s a blend of rustic charm and polished poise.

Casual Elegance

This ensemble captures the essence of casual elegance with a dark green shirt paired with white trousers. It’s an ideal choice for the laid-back groom or guest who prefers simplicity with a dash of sophistication. Completed with sandals, this look is all about comfort without compromising on style.

Summer weddings are an excellent time to express your style while keeping cool. These ten outfit ideas offer a range from formal to casual, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect look for any wedding setting. Remember to consider the venue, time of day, and wedding theme when choosing your attire. We’d love to hear your thoughts and see your summer wedding style—leave a comment below with your favorite look!

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