Discover 17 Trending Side Swept Undercut Hairstyles for Men in 2024 – Ultimate Style

Exploring the latest trends in men’s fashion, side swept undercuts stand out as a stylish and versatile hairstyle that continues to gain popularity into 2024. This guide dives into 17 unique side swept undercut ideas, perfect for men looking to update their look with a fresh, modern twist. Whether you’re drawn to short, sleek styles or prefer a longer, textured approach, there’s an undercut here to suit every preference and hair type.

Classic Clean Sweep

The Classic Clean Sweep features a neat undercut paired with a smoothly swept top that exudes a polished and professional appearance. Ideal for men who prefer a tidy and understated look, this style works well in both casual and formal settings. Styling tips include using a light pomade for hold and shine, ensuring the hair remains classy without appearing overstyled.

Bold Blonde Highlights

This eye-catching variation introduces bold blonde highlights over a dark base, providing a striking contrast. The side swept undercut men short style is perfect for those looking to make a statement while maintaining a clean silhouette. This look is best achieved with a volumizing mousse to keep the highlights vibrant and the volume intact.

The Urban Edge

The Urban Edge combines a sharp undercut with a voluminous, swept-top that captures a rugged yet refined aesthetic. Ideal for men with medium to thick hair, this style emphasizes texture and movement. Use a clay or wax to enhance the hair’s natural texture and add a matte finish.

Soft and Subtle

For those who prefer a more understated look, the Soft and Subtle style offers a gentle taper with a soft, side swept fringe. This cut is particularly flattering for men with fine hair, creating the illusion of thickness. Styling with a light hold gel or spray can keep the look flexible and natural.

The Sharp Fade

Featuring a dramatic fade that merges seamlessly into a neatly combed top, The Sharp Fade is both modern and masculine. It’s a popular choice for those who appreciate clean lines and precise detailing in their hairstyle. A stronghold gel will ensure the side part stays defined throughout the day.

Creative Contrast

Creative Contrast showcases an adventurous blend of textures and lengths, combining a tight undercut with a long, sweeping top. This hairstyle is perfect for men who enjoy a dynamic and unconventional look. To maintain the contrast, apply a serum to the longer sections for a glossy finish and use a matte paste on the shorter areas to keep them subdued.

The Classic Part

This timeless style focuses on a classic side part with a deep undercut. It’s suited for men who value a mix of traditional and contemporary aesthetics. The key to this look is keeping the parting sharp and the hair well-conditioned for a smooth flow.

Textured Waves

Textured Waves offer a playful and youthful appeal, perfect for side swept undercut men medium hair. The waves add a casual touch to the precise undercut, creating a laid-back yet trendy vibe. Use a sea salt spray for enhancing the waves and a light mousse to provide volume witho

The Slick Back

For a more refined approach, The Slick Back combines the undercut with a sleek back-swept top. This style is ideal for formal occasions, providing a clean, sharp look. A high-gloss pomade can achieve the slick finish, adding sophistication to the overall style.

Artistic Flair

Artistic Flair introduces an element of creativity with a sculpted top and a detailed undercut. This style is a great choice for those who see their hair as an expression of their artistic side. Styling this cut requires a flexible wax that allows for adjusting throughout the day, keeping the artistic elements in focus.

The Refined Ginger

The Refined Ginger presents a vivid ginger color with a voluminous, brushed back style that showcases the natural flow and texture of the hair. This look is particularly flattering for lighter skin tones and adds a warm, vibrant aura to the persona. Styling with a volumizing spray can enhance the lift and body of the hair, while a touch of hairspray ensures it holds shape throughout the day.

The Modern Quiff

A contemporary take on the classic quiff, this style merges the traditional texture with a clean, sharp undercut, offering a modern twist suitable for younger, fashion-forward individuals. The lifted frontal section draws attention to the face, making it ideal for men with strong features. Use a high-hold pomade to sculpt the perfect quiff that lasts.

Platinum Blonde Perfection

Platinum Blonde Perfection features a striking platinum blonde color that complements the sleek side swept undercut. It’s a bold choice that suits men who aren’t afraid to stand out. The key to maintaining this look is regular toning treatments to keep the blonde shade vibrant and an anti-frizz serum to tame any flyaways.

The Curly Surfer

The Curly Surfer offers a laid-back, carefree style with naturally curly hair swept to the side over a subtle undercut. It’s perfect for men who prefer a low-maintenance, yet stylish look. Embrace the natural curls with a curl-enhancing cream that provides definition without sacrificing the hair’s natural softness.

The Sleek Sophisticate

This look is all about sophistication, featuring a deep side part with hair smoothly swept back in a seamless flow. The Sleek Sophisticate is particularly suited for professional environments where a clean, sharp appearance is preferred. Styling with a fine-tooth comb and a light, non-greasy pomade will achieve this refined style.

Casual Tousled Waves

Casual Tousled Waves offer a relaxed and effortlessly chic look, with medium-length hair loosely swept to one side. This style is incredibly versatile and works well for both casual outings and formal events. To enhance the tousled effect, apply a texturizing spray followed by scrunching the hair lightly with your hands.

The Bold Edge

The Bold Edge is a dynamic style featuring a sharp contrast between the shaved sides and the voluminous, swept-up hair on top. This hairstyle is perfect for the adventurous man who enjoys a mix of edgy and stylish elements in his look. Use a strong hold mousse to lift the top while keeping the sides neat.

These 17 side swept undercut ideas for 2024 showcase a range of styles from subtle and sophisticated to bold and edgy, ensuring there’s a perfect match for every man looking to refresh his hairstyle. With each style tailored to different hair types and personal preferences, embracing a new look this year has never been more exciting. We invite our readers to experiment with these trends and share their favorite styles in the comments section below.

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