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Autumn 2024 Men’s Fashion Guide: Top 18 Fall Suits Styles & Wedding Trends

As the leaves begin their yearly transformation, so too does men’s fashion. The chill in the air invites a return to sophistication and layers, welcoming the season of suits. In 2024, fall suits for men are not just about warmth; they’re a canvas for personal expression. From wedding guest attire to sharp office ensembles, this article showcases 18 men’s fall suit ideas that merge classic tailoring with contemporary flair.

The Contemporary Classic

A man stands confidently, donning a herringbone blazer layered over an olive turtleneck. His trousers maintain the classic cut, while the subtle patterning of the fabric speaks of a modern twist to the timeless style. The complete look is a nod to tradition, yet whispers of the present.

Rustic Elegance

Picture the perfect autumn wedding guest: a tailored suit in earthy tones, accessorized with a slender tie and a boutonniere that seems plucked from a fall meadow. The fit is impeccable, suggesting a bespoke experience, and the fabric choice – a rich, tactile tweed – invites touch as much as it demands the gaze.

Urban Dapper

Enter the realm of sharp urban fashion with a suit that’s as sleek as it is comfortable. It’s an ensemble that brings a pop of color to the grays of city streets. A snappy blazer and well-fitted pants paired with a snug turtleneck make for an outfit that’s equally at home in a café or a boardroom.

Sophisticated Casual

This suit redefines business casual, mixing casual footwear with formal wear. The juxtaposition of a tailored blazer over a casual hoodie is an epitome of contemporary menswear – a blend of comfort and style that reflects the dynamic lifestyle of modern men.

The Bold Statement

When fashion serves as a medium for self-expression, bold colors take the stage. A suit in a vibrant hue commands attention and respects tradition in silhouette while daring to disrupt in shade. It’s for the man who walks confidently between the realms of audacity and classic sophistication.

The Vintage Revival

Embrace a touch of nostalgia with a suit that brings the best of past eras to the present. This number features a double-breasted jacket, its sharp lapels and structured fit reminiscent of a bygone era of gentlemanly elegance, yet the cut is unmistakably modern.

Sleek Sophistication

This ensemble is the epitome of sleek sophistication. A slim-fitting suit in midnight blue paired with a lighter, textured turtleneck creates a subtle interplay of colors and textures, making it ideal for those who appreciate understated elegance.

The Autumnal Trendsetter

Here’s a suit that celebrates the heart of autumn with its warm brown tones. Accessorized with a slender tie and vintage-inspired brooch, it’s the perfect marriage of modern tailoring and retro details, making it an ideal choice for a fall wedding or upscale event.

Street Style Meets Classic

Fashion-forward meets time-honored style with this suit. It pairs a relaxed-fit blazer with street-style elements, such as a bold baseball cap and sneakers. It’s an affirmation that classic menswear can play by the rules of urban streetwear with flair.

The Daring Gentleman

Dress to be remembered with this audaciously colored suit. Its wine-red palette makes a confident statement, while the tailored fit and classic styling ensure it remains firmly planted in the realm of tasteful fashion.

Mustard Maven

For the man who likes to stand out, this mustard suit is a showstopper. With its double-breasted jacket and relaxed fit, it offers a contemporary take on vintage style. The suit, paired with a striped shirt and round sunglasses, brings a playful yet polished look to fall fashion.

Casual Refinement

Blending casual wear with tailored pieces, this look redefines relaxed elegance. The suit’s soft rose hue is unconventional yet undeniably chic, while the sneakers add a touch of streetwise sensibility. It’s an ensemble that’s both comfortable and stylish, perfect for the creative professional.

Velvety Blue

Luxury meets comfort in this velvet blue suit. It’s fluid, with a relaxed drape that exudes a sense of effortless sophistication. Paired with a denim shirt, it straddles the line between formal and casual, making it ideal for a variety of autumn occasions.

Countryside Luxe

Imagine a countryside retreat with this windowpane-check suit. It’s traditional in pattern but cut to fit the modern man. With details like a lapel pin and a pair of binoculars, this look is perfect for the gentleman who enjoys the outdoors with a side of sophistication.

Bold and Bridal

A statement suit for the groom who is confident and fashionable. The red suit is a romantic and powerful choice for a fall wedding, ensuring all eyes are on him. It’s a daring choice but paired with the right confidence, it’s unforgettable.

Evening Opulence

A deep burgundy velvet jacket is the heart of this evening wear look. It’s perfect for a night at the theater or a sophisticated dinner. The contrast with the black bow tie and trousers adds a classic touch to a luxurious ensemble.

Classic Heritage

This suit brings classic heritage patterns into the modern day. The tailored three-piece in a subtle check is accessorized with a pocket square and tie clip, offering a nod to traditional style while still looking forward to the fashion of tomorrow.

Mixed Textures

This look is all about the art of mixing textures. A fine-check blazer paired with solid trousers in a contrasting color creates a visually interesting and stylish ensemble. It’s a fresh take on autumn style, perfect for the urban explorer.

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