19 Bold Long Curly Hairstyles for Men in 2024: Embrace Your Natural Texture

As we embrace 2024, the versatility and vivacity of long curly hair men haircut styles continue to take the fashion world by storm. Embodying a spirit of freedom and nonconformity, these 19 long curly hairstyles for men are not just about making a statement, but also about embracing one’s natural texture and personality. From laid-back taper fades to the rebellious mullet, this curated selection will guide fashion-forward men in the U.S. through the top trends of the year.

Untamed Waves

The untamed waves style celebrates natural volume and texture. Featuring a full head of thick, black curls, this look is all about embracing one’s natural hair. The slightly messy, free-form approach represents a carefree lifestyle, perfect for the creative soul.

Joyful Ringlets

Here’s to the cheerful character of joyful ringlets, which are tightly coiled and bursting with personality. This medium length style is ideal for those who enjoy a playful and youthful vibe, effortlessly making a sunny statement.

Sophisticated Curls

Sophisticated curls offer a more refined take on the long curly hair men haircut. Here, the curls are well-defined and fall back gracefully, implying a sense of elegance and maturity. This style pairs well with a sharp wardrobe for a dapper look.

Rugged Charm

Exuding rugged charm, this hairstyle features free-flowing curls that frame the face, paired with a full beard, creating a look of a man in tune with nature and his own instincts. It’s a perfect blend of wildness and intention.

Voluminous Top with Defined Curls

The voluminous top with defined curls style showcases a head full of bouncy, 3b type curls, providing texture and depth. The cut maintains length while shaping the hair to enhance its natural springiness, offering a jubilant style statement.

Curly Mullet Revival

Making a bold return, the curly mullet revival breathes new life into a vintage favorite. With a modern twist, it combines the party-at-the-back ethos with contemporary fade techniques to merge past and present.

Classic Elegance

Classic elegance never goes out of style, and this look proves it with timeless allure. Here, medium-length curls are styled to convey a sense of sophistication, perfect for the modern gentleman.

Refined Waves

The refined waves hairstyle brings a touch of class to long curly hair men haircut. It’s a look that speaks of a man who’s both aware of the latest trends and respectful of classic style, featuring smoothly cascading waves that are both striking and subdued.

Bold and Beautiful

For the man who’s not afraid to stand out, the bold and beautiful style showcases curls in their most natural and flamboyant state. It’s a testament to confidence and the beauty of Black hair.

The Artistic Taper

The artistic taper fuses long curly hair men haircut with a skillful taper. It’s the perfect blend for those who appreciate artistry in their appearance, marrying length with a clean, precise cut.

The Maverick Wave

The Maverick Wave captures the essence of the untamed spirit. With a voluminous top that cascades into a sea of curls, paired with a precise skin fade, this style is for the man who owns his unique sense of fashion.

Laid-Back Length

Laid-Back Length is the epitome of effortless style. Medium-length curls are allowed to flow naturally, offering a look that’s both casual and approachable. It’s perfect for the man whose presence is as easygoing as his curls.

Natural and Free

Natural and Free is a celebration of curls in their most organic form. This style is about letting those locks roam free, with a length that adds to the carefree yet magnetic allure of the wearer.

The Curly Top Knot

The Curly Top Knot is a juxtaposition of refined style and wild curls, showing that you can be both controlled and untamed. This style is a statement of complexity and charisma, tied up with a sense of sophistication.

Western Waves

Western Waves marry the rugged charm of the wild west with the romance of curls. Perfect for the modern cowboy, this style adds a touch of adventure to everyday life.

The Curly Mullet

The Curly Mullet redefines a classic, blending the throwback vibe of a mullet with the untamed joy of curls. It’s a bold move for the bold man, merging history with a twist of modern rebellion.

The Romantic Rebel

The Romantic Rebel is for the man who can charm with a glance. This style speaks of a bygone era, with soft waves that whisper tales of poetry and passion.

The Beachcomber

The Beachcomber is all about the laid-back vibe of sun, sand, and surf. This haircut is carefree, with loose curls that suggest a life embraced by the sea breeze.

These 19 ideas for long curly hairstyles for men in 2024 demonstrate that there’s a curly cut for every personality and preference. Whether you’re going for a low fade with subtle elegance or a black fade that makes a statement, these styles are all about self-expression and authenticity. Share your thoughts, and let us know which hairstyle resonates with you, or better yet, which one you’re bold enough to try this year.

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