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Discover 20 Trendy Long Wavy Hairstyles for Men in 2024: Embrace Your Natural Waves with These Stylish Haircuts

Long wavy hairstyles for men are making a significant comeback in 2024, offering a versatile and stylish option for those with medium to long hair. From natural waves to more structured styles, there’s a look for everyone. This guide will provide detailed descriptions of various long wavy hairstyles, perfect for men looking to embrace their natural hair texture while staying on trend.

The Classic Wavy Look

This hairstyle features a natural wave with medium length, creating a casual yet sophisticated look. The hair is styled to maintain its natural texture, allowing for a relaxed and effortless appearance. Perfect for those with naturally wavy hair, this style works well with a bit of texturizing spray to enhance the waves.

The Modern Quiff

The modern quiff combines volume at the top with shorter sides, giving a clean yet voluminous look. The waves are accentuated at the top, adding height and dimension to the style. This haircut is ideal for men with thick hair who want to maintain a neat yet fashionable look.

The Surfer Waves

Embrace the laid-back surfer vibe with this shoulder-length hairstyle. The hair is tousled and messy, capturing the essence of beachy waves. This style is perfect for men who prefer a more casual and low-maintenance look, ideal for both day-to-day wear and beach outings.

The Slicked-Back Waves

For a more polished appearance, the slicked-back waves offer a refined look. The hair is combed back smoothly, maintaining the natural wave pattern without any frizz. This style is great for formal occasions or for men who want a more controlled and sleek look.

The Loose Curls

This hairstyle features loose, soft curls that give a romantic and effortless look. The curls are more defined than waves, providing a different texture and volume. Perfect for men with naturally curly hair, this style enhances the natural curls while maintaining a manageable length.

The Shaggy Mullet

Combining the mullet with wavy hair creates a unique and edgy look. The shaggy mullet keeps the hair long at the back while maintaining texture and waves throughout. This style is perfect for those looking to stand out and embrace a retro yet modern hairstyle.

The Textured Bun

A bun is a versatile option for men with longer hair. This style features a textured bun, where the hair is loosely gathered and secured, allowing for natural waves to show through. It’s a great option for those looking for a practical yet stylish way to manage long hair.

The Shoulder-Length Layers

Layering shoulder-length hair can add movement and dimension to wavy hair. This style involves subtle layers that enhance the natural wave pattern, providing a fuller and more dynamic look. Ideal for men with medium to thick hair who want to add some structure to their waves.

The Half-Up Man Bun

Combining a man bun with loose waves, this style involves tying half of the hair into a bun while leaving the rest down. It creates a balanced look that is both casual and stylish, perfect for everyday wear or casual outings.

The Voluminous Waves

This hairstyle focuses on volume and texture, with the waves styled to maximize fullness. Using a volumizing mousse can help achieve this look, making it ideal for men with fine hair who want to add some body and bounce to their waves.

The Bohemian Bun

This style features a relaxed bun with a bandana wrapped around the head for a bohemian touch. The wavy hair is gathered loosely, maintaining a natural, carefree vibe. The bandana adds both style and function, keeping hair in place while providing a fashionable accessory.

The Beach Waves

Perfect for summer, this look captures the essence of beach waves. The hair is tied up in a half bun, with the rest left to flow naturally. This style is easy to manage and ideal for men who love an adventurous, outdoorsy look.

The Half-Up Ponytail

This style involves pulling the top half of the hair into a ponytail, leaving the rest to fall naturally. It combines practicality with style, allowing for a neat appearance while still showcasing the natural waves. It’s a great option for medium to long hair.

The Casual Waves

A simple yet stylish option, this look features natural waves left loose and untouched. It’s ideal for men who prefer a low-maintenance hairstyle that still looks polished. This style works well with medium to long hair and highlights the natural texture.

The Viking Look

Channel your inner Viking with this bold and rugged hairstyle. Long, flowing waves are paired with a full beard, creating a powerful and masculine look. This style is perfect for men who want to make a statement with their hair.

The Curly Bob

This modern curly bob is a stylish and manageable option for men with naturally curly hair. The hair is cut to a medium length, allowing the curls to frame the face beautifully. It’s a sophisticated look that works well for both casual and formal settings.

The Retro Curls

Embrace a vintage vibe with these retro curls. The hair is styled into tight curls, giving a nod to past eras while staying modern. This look is perfect for men who want to add a unique and stylish twist to their everyday hairstyle.

The Voluminous Ponytail

This hairstyle combines volume and waves with a high ponytail. The hair is pulled back tightly, allowing the natural waves to create a voluminous and dynamic look. It’s ideal for men with thick, wavy hair who want a practical yet stylish option.

The Braided Waves

For a more intricate style, try braided waves. The hair is braided in sections, creating texture and interest while maintaining the natural wave pattern. This look is perfect for men who want to experiment with different styles and add a unique touch to their hair.

The Tousled Waves

This relaxed style features tousled waves that give a carefree and effortless look. The hair is left to fall naturally, with minimal styling needed. It’s a great option for men who want a laid-back yet stylish appearance.

Incorporating long wavy hairstyles into your routine can elevate your look while embracing your natural hair texture. From casual and messy to sleek and polished, there’s a wavy hairstyle for every man in 2024. Explore these styles and find the one that suits your personality and hair type the best. Feel free to share your thoughts or any other hairstyle ideas in the comments below!

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