Article Draft: 20 Man Bun Styles for Men Ideas for 2024

The man bun remains a formidable trend in men’s hairstyles into 2024, blending both style and practicality. This versatile hairstyle works for various hair types and lengths, offering a fashionable yet functional approach to managing long hair. This article explores twenty distinctive man bun styles, each suited to different tastes and occasions, and provides styling tips for those looking to refresh their look.

Classic Man Bun

The classic man bun is a staple for men who prefer a straightforward yet stylish look. This version involves pulling back the hair smoothly from the forehead and securing it neatly at the crown. It’s perfect for those who value a clean, polished appearance with minimal fuss. Suitable for both casual and formal settings, the classic man bun is a testament to the hairstyle’s adaptability.

Undercut Man Bun

This daring variation combines the edge of an undercut with the traditional man bun. The hair on the top is long and pulled back into a bun, while the sides are closely shaved, accentuating the contrast. This style is particularly popular among those who enjoy a sharper, more defined look, blending classic and contemporary elements seamlessly.

Braided Man Bun

Incorporating braids into a man bun adds a unique twist and artistic flair to the hairstyle. This can range from small, subtle braids that add texture to the hair, to larger, more intricate patterns that lead into the bun itself. Ideal for men who wish to showcase their creative side, this style highlights craftsmanship and detail.

Man Bun with Shaved Designs

For those looking to make a bold statement, a man bun with shaved designs offers a customisable and eye-catching option. The shaved elements can include geometric patterns or more fluid designs, providing a personal touch to the hairstyle. This style is a conversation starter, perfect for individuals who like to stand out in a crowd.

High Man Bun

Positioned at the top of the head, the high man bun offers a more youthful and playful appearance. This style is not only trendy but also practical, especially in warm weather, as it keeps the hair off the neck. It suits active lifestyles or those looking for a laid-back, effortless style.

Low Man Bun

The low man bun is tied at the nape of the neck, providing a mature and sophisticated look. This style is less conspicuous than its higher counterpart and works well in professional environments. It’s also ideal for men with shorter hair lengths who still want to sport a man bun.

Man Bun for Curly Hair

Curly hair brings natural volume and texture to a man bun, creating a striking look. The curls can be loosely gathered to form a bun that looks both rugged and refined. This style is perfect for embracing natural hair texture while keeping it manageable and stylish.

Man Bun with Beard

Pairing a man bun with a beard forms a rugged yet refined style that resonates with a sense of rugged masculinity. The combination balances the face and adds a layer of sophistication to the overall appearance, making it a popular choice among those who favor a fuller beard.

Half-Up Man Bun

The half-up man bun is an excellent choice for those who like to keep some hair flowing freely. This style involves pulling back only the top part of the hair into a small bun, allowing the rest to cascade down naturally. It’s a great way to enjoy the best of both worlds—neatness and a relaxed vibe.

Man Bun with Accessories

Accessories such as bands or clips can add a personal touch to the man bun. Whether it’s a simple elastic band or a more decorative piece, these additions help secure the bun and can enhance the hairstyle’s visual appeal. This option allows for personal expression through various accessories.

Tousled Man Bun

This effortlessly chic style is for those who prefer a more relaxed and carefree look. The tousled man bun is slightly messy, creating a laid-back vibe that doesn’t sacrifice style. It’s perfect for casual outings or when you want a low-maintenance yet fashionable hairstyle. The key to this look is not to try too hard; let your natural hair texture do the work.

Sleek Man Bun

The sleek man bun is all about precision and neatness, making it ideal for formal events or professional settings. Hair is combed back smoothly and secured tightly at the back, giving a clean and sharp appearance. This style pairs well with a well-groomed beard, enhancing the overall sophisticated aura.

Man Bun with Fade

Combining a fade haircut with a man bun offers a modern twist on the traditional style. The fade can vary from subtle to dramatic, depending on your preference, and it adds a layer of complexity to the hairstyle. This style is particularly popular among those who appreciate a blend of classic and contemporary looks.

Long Flowing Man Bun

Ideal for men with longer hair, this man bun style allows some strands to flow freely, giving a sense of motion and freedom. It’s perfect for artistic or bohemian settings, where a more natural, unstructured look is favored. This style is about embracing the length and texture of your hair.

Textured Man Bun

Textured hair can add a fascinating visual element to any hairstyle, including the man bun. By allowing natural curls or waves to show through, this man bun style looks dynamic and vibrant. It’s suitable for those who like their hairstyle to have a bit of edge and personality.

Man Bun with Intricate Braids

For those who love detailed styling, a man bun with intricate braids is a perfect choice. The braids can be styled in various ways—around the head, across the scalp, or leading back to the bun—each adding a unique and eye-catching element to the hairstyle. This style is both creative and stylish.

Man Bun for Thick Hair

Men with thick hair can make a real statement with a robust and full man bun. This style uses the natural volume of thick hair to create a prominent and impressive look. It’s ideal for showcasing healthy, thick locks, providing a rugged yet manageable hairstyle.

Professional Man Bun

A professional man bun is tailored to look polished and subdued, suitable for the office or business meetings. The hair is usually pulled back neatly and tied at a medium height to maintain a balanced and formal appearance. It demonstrates that long hair can be both professional and stylish.

Man Bun with Undercut and Design

This bold style combines an undercut with a graphic design shaved into the sides, adding an artistic and personalized touch. The man bun sits atop, serving as the focal point, while the designs around it attract attention and speak to a daring personality.

Wedding Man Bun

Perfect for a special occasion like a wedding, this man bun style is both elegant and romantic. The hair is styled smoothly and may include subtle twists or waves before being tied into a bun, often complemented with a small floral accessory or a classic hairpin to match the formal attire.

These twenty man bun styles for 2024 illustrate the versatility and fashion-forward nature of this hairstyle. From casual to formal, there’s a man bun for every occasion and personality. Experimenting with different styles can not only refresh your look but also boost your confidence. Share your favorite man bun styles and experiences in the comments below, and let’s inspire each other with our hairstyle choices!

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