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19 Stunning 2024 Groom & Wedding Guest Styles: Tailored Suits, Velvets to Vibrant Greens

As wedding seasons evolve, so does the panorama of men’s formal fashion. In 2024, the landscape is rich with diversity—from classic to contemporary and everything in between. This article unfolds 19 stellar formal menswear styles perfect for weddings, spotlighting everything from traditional tuxedos to avant-garde ensembles. We’ve curated the crème de la crème of sartorial elegance to inspire you for the big day, whether you’re the groom, in the groom’s party, or a distinguished guest.

The Golden Hour Sophistication

Imagine the warm glow of the setting sun perfectly captured in a suit. A goldenrod ensemble paired with an unbuttoned ivory silk shirt creates a bold statement without saying a word. It’s relaxed yet impeccably polished—a testament to the confident modern man.

Tailored Tradition

The perfect blend of poise and sophistication is found in a sand-hued suit. The sleek lines, the crisp white shirt, and the tie’s absence come together to form an image of timeless elegance. It’s a look that pays homage to tradition while subtly rewriting the rules.

The Riviera Rogue

Here stands a gentleman against the backdrop of azure seas—a vision in a burgundy velvet jacket and sleek black trousers. The juxtaposition of textures and colors makes for an outfit as memorable as the scenery. This is the outfit that whispers sophistication and shouts originality.

Midnight Elegance

Onyx silk and polished shoes against the stark geometry of modern architecture—this is where timeless style meets contemporary design. The ensemble is a study in contrasts, marrying the old-world charm of a tuxedo with the bold lines of modern formality.

Summer Garden Gala

A duet of suits for a daytime outdoor wedding. Olive and ivory come together in a dance of light and color, perfectly suited for a ceremony under the sun. These are outfits that resonate with the vibrancy of summer and the solemnity of the occasion.

Cerulean Dreams

The union of soft blue velvet and sharp white trousers paints a picture of a dreamer brought to life. This look redefines luxury with its plush textures and contrasting tones, ideal for a winter wedding or an elegant evening affair.

Naval Impressions

This double-breasted jacket in a stately navy, paired with a high-neck sweater and gray trousers, speaks of a modern gentleman ready to take on the world. It’s a look that’s both regal and approachable, a modern twist on the captain’s uniform.

Classic with a Twist

Blue is a classic, but when it’s brought to life with a tailored fit and paired with a playful bow tie, it takes on a new dimension. This is the ensemble for the man who respects the past but isn’t afraid to stand out.

The Contemporary Classic

This image sets the scene for a formal affair where timeless style meets the crisp edges of modern design. A classic black tuxedo with a shawl lapel offers a nod to tradition, while its slim fit speaks to the contemporary man.

Avant-Garde Affair

Breaking from convention, this look—with its striking red and white checkered pattern and relaxed fit—brings an edge to wedding attire. It’s the choice for the man whose personality is too vibrant to be contained by a traditional suit.

The New Noir

Stepping away from the conventional, we present a noir ensemble that defies expectations. Here, silk is not just a fabric but a statement—fluid and bold against a backdrop of structured tailoring. The absence of a tie gives a nod to the unconventional, setting the stage for a wedding style that’s both elegant and defiantly modern.

Earthy Elegance

Dive into the depth of earth tones with a suit that brings the rich, organic hues of nature to the forefront. This double-breasted marvel in a deep mocha is paired with a shirt that whispers luxury. This is for the groom who values subtlety and sophistication—a true celebration of nature’s palette.

Vintage Velvet

Take a leap back in time with a plush velvet jacket, accentuated with satin for an extra touch of grandeur. Paired with a classic bow tie and tailored trousers, it’s a look that pays tribute to the timeless appeal of vintage menswear. Ideal for a wedding with an old-world theme, it’s classic, it’s regal, it’s romance rekindled.

Ivory Ambition

This look challenges the status quo with a pristine ivory jacket sharply contrasted against midnight black trousers. It’s a sartorial blend of the bold and the classic, perfect for the groom who wants to make a statement without uttering a single word.

Double-breasted Sophistication

The perfect marriage of classic and modern is embodied in this impeccably tailored double-breasted suit. The sleek lines and sharp lapels convey power and poise, ideal for the groom who carries an air of authority and a charm that’s undeniable.

Bi-Color Brilliance

Here’s a look that’s both grounded and daring, with a chocolate jacket and cream trousers. It’s a combination that stands out and commands attention, embodying a style that’s as smooth and rich as the chocolate it emulates.

Contemporary Chromatics

With an audacious green double-breasted suit, this look breaks away from the monochrome and dives into color with confidence. It’s for the individual who carries his identity with pride and isn’t afraid to stand out from the wedding party.

Monochromatic Mood

For the groom who appreciates the understated, this suit brings a monochromatic mood to life. The subtle green tone speaks of spring and new beginnings, perfect for a wedding that’s all about starting fresh.

Bold in Green

Closing the show is a statement in vibrant green. It’s the suit for the groom who is not just part of the scenery but who makes the scenery. This is more than a look; it’s an exclamation point at the end of a journey to the altar.

From seaside soirees to grand ballrooms, these 19 mens clothing styles formal for weddings offer inspiration for every type of ceremony. Remember, the right outfit not only respects the gravity of the occasion but also reflects your unique style and personality. We invite your comments and thoughts on these looks, and we hope to inspire your choice for the next wedding you attend.

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